Public Meeting of the WASC Senior College & University Commission

Friday February 19, 2016
11 am to Noon
Claremont Hotel 41 Tunnel Road, Berkeley, CA  
Room:  Napa 123 Mezzanine Level

The WASC Senior College and University Commission will hold its February 2016 meeting at the Claremont Hotel. Institutional representatives are invited to observe the Commission’s public meeting as noted above.

The public meeting will include:

  • Finance...

After piloting the collection of Graduation Rate Dashboard (GRD) data with approximately 70 institutions in 2014, WSCUC asked all institutions in the region with undergraduate degree programs to submit GRD data during the May 2015 annual reporting process. WSCUC staff continue to work with institutions to improve the accuracy of GRD data, and to learn and collaborate on how this new method can be used to understand and support the effectiveness of student success efforts. Institutions will...

"WSCUC" is an acronym for "WASC Senior College and University Commission." In writing, you can use either form with confidence! In speaking, people usually say just, "WASC."

In print or on the web, versions of our name often appear in multifariously creative ways. Here are some examples of how our name should NOT be written:

The Commission for Western Colleges and Universities


WASC Senior

WASC Señor

West Coast Commission of Standards in Regional...

Please always visit our website's document list to find a WSCUC document. Search engines and other websites are not reliable sources for our documents, as users will often find outdated content. Thanks! 

In response to the ALO survey conducted at ARC 2015, we’ve rolled out some useful and time saving changes to how documents display on

Inline previews
When clicking on a document you will be taken to a preview page instead of having the file immediately download to your computer. This allows you to view (or search within) the document- which in most cases is all you need. (We of course still give users the option of downloading...

Applications to the ALA are due February 15, 2016. Apply now!

The Commission requests your review and comments by January 15, 2016, to Danielle Adams at dadams [at], on proposed changes for:

WSCUC is proud to announce that 10 of its member institutions have been awarded The Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award for their outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion:  

Alliant University


Dr. Geoff Chase has been hired as Vice President effective January 2016. Dr. Chase will oversee a portfolio of institutions and serve as a staff liaison within the WSCUC region.

Dr. Chase was Dean of Undergraduate Studies at San Diego State University (SDSU). He served as Accreditation Liaison Officer at SDSU for over 10 years and as team chair, assistant chair, and team member for multiple WSCUC review teams.

Dr. Chase has played key leadership...