Claremont McKenna College - Monitoring for Data Reporting Issues

On January 30, 2012, officials at Claremont McKenna College (CMC) informed the WASC staff that a member of its administration had misreported data on SAT scores to a number of outside entities.  During the weeks that followed, CMC reported to WASC the steps that had been taken to investigate the matter, including correcting misreported data and developing systems to ensure that this kind of breach of data integrity did not reoccur.  Commission staff reviewed the available information and the steps being taken and has had the opportunity to review preliminary findings.  In addition, a panel of the Commission has discussed these issues with CMC President Gann and other key officials at the College.

Issues relating to the accurate disclosure of information to outside bodies, students and others fall within Commission standards relating to institutional integrity.  In its review to date, the Commission has considered the nature of the misreporting and the steps taken by the institution. Based on its review to date, the Commission found that CMC had been swift and appropriate in addressing the matter – immediately launching an internal investigation; being open and transparent about the matter in its communications with WASC, other entities, and with students, their parents, and alumni; acting quickly and decisively to remedy both the immediate problem and to establish measures to guard against any such action in the future.

The Commission expects to review a CMC governing board-commissioned outside audit prior to its June Commission meeting.

A copy of the Commission’s letter describing this action and the team report as well as a link to the institutional response (if provided to WASC by the institution) can be found here.

March 21, 2012