Public Statements

Public Statements are issued by the Commission when an institution is placed on sanction (warning, probation, show cause, or termination) Complete information regarding the accreditation status of an institution as well as any public can be found in the Directory of Institutions .

Public Statement Regarding United States University

At its meeting on June 19-21, 2013, the WASC Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges & Universities acted to impose Probation on United States University. Probation reflects the Commission’s finding that an institution fails to meet one or more of the Standards of Accreditation. While on Probation, no new site or degree programs can be initiated by the institution. The accredited status of the institution continues during the Probation period.

Claremont McKenna College - Monitoring for Data Reporting Issues

On January 30, 2012, officials at Claremont McKenna College (CMC) informed the WASC staff that a member of its administration had misreported data on SAT scores to a number of outside entities.  During the weeks that followed, CMC reported to WASC the steps that had been taken to investigate the matter, including correcting misreported data and developing systems to ensure that this kind of breach of data integrity did not reoccur.  Commission staff reviewed the available information and the steps being taken and has had the opportunity to review preliminary findings.  In addition, a panel