Concept Papers

WASC has commisssioned two sets of concept papers to inform the Accreditation Redesign. The first set, titled "Redesigning WASC Accreditation," was commissioned in January 2011 to guide the work of the redesign steering committee and task forces. The second set, titled "The Changing Ecology of Higher Education and its Impact on Accreditation," was commissioned in February 2013. 

Concept Papers, Second Series: The Changing Ecology of Higher Education and its Impact on Accreditation

Download the complete set of concept papers here

The New 'Ecology' of Higher Education: Challenges to Accreditation by Peter Ewell | Download PDF

New Ecosystems in Higher Education and What They Mean for Accreditation and Assessment by Richard DeMillo | Download PDF

From Educational Institutions to Learning Flows by the Institute for the Future | Download PDF

Thinking About Accreditation in a Rapidly Changing World by Paul LeBlanc | Download PDF

Changing Ecology: Towards Accreditation for Institutions Offering Courses, not Degrees by Sebastian Thrun |Download PDF

AASCU’s Red Balloon Project by George Mehaffy | Download PDF

The New Ecology of Higher Education: The Changing Faculty by Adrianna Kezar | Download PDF

The Nexus of For-Profit, International, and Accreditation by Denise DeZolt | Download PDF

New Ecology of Higher Education in Asia-Pacific: Implications for Accreditation by Molly Lee | Download PDF 


Concept Papers, First Series: Redesigning WASC Accreditation 

The New 'Ecology' of Higher Education by Peter Ewell
Download PDF | View and Comment

Fresh Approaches to Accreditation by Arthur Levine
Download PDF | View and Comment

Restructuring Accreditation by Kevin Carey
Download PDF | View and Comment

What Can WASC Do To Increase Faculty Engagement by Pat Hutchings
Download PDF | View and Comment

Community College Considerations in WASC Accreditation by Brice Harris
Download PDF | View and Comment

WASC as Cultural Leader by G. Leicester, M. O'Hara
Download PDF | View and Comment