Interim Reports

Interim Reports focus on specific issues of concern identified as part of the comprehensive review process, annual report submission, the complaint process, substantive change, or other interactions with the Commission. The purpose of Interim Reports is to ensure that institutions continue to meet the Core Commitments and Standards with respect to the identified areas of concern. These reports are peer-reviewed by the Interim Report Committee.

Appeal Process

If an institution’s proposal or report is not accepted by a panel of a committee, the institution may ask the panel to reconsider its decision, by way of a written communication sent within 30 days of the decision being communicated to the institution.  The institution’s communication should contain relevant information and the basis or bases for the requested reconsideration. The panel that reviewed the institution’s report or proposal will review the request and make a decision within 30 days of the date of the request, which decision will be communicated promptly to the institution.   If the panel does not reverse its initial decision, the institution may ask the Executive Committee of the Commission to reconsider the matter by way of a written communication in writing within 30 days of the date when the panel’s denial of the request for reconsideration is communicated.  The Executive Committee will consider the request within 60 days of receipt and will communicate its decision promptly.  The Executive Committee’s decision is final.

Resources for Institutions Submitting Interim Reports

The following documents provide information on completing and submitting an Interim Report.

Interim Report Format and Instructions

Detailed instructions for writing an Interim Report

IRC Evaluation Worksheet

Rubric used by the Interim Report Committee to evaluate Interim Reports