How to Become Accredited by WASC

The Commission has established formal procedures by which institutions can move through the required stages that lead to accreditation. These stages include:

  • Eligibility
  • Candidacy
  • Initial Accreditation

Each stage has specific criteria, processes, and time frames. An institution starting the procedures for seeking accreditation should carefully consider the requirements for each step to ensure its understanding of the process and be aware that the time frame for the entire process may take four to eight years, depending on the level of institutional development.

Eligibility applications are peer-reviewed by the Eligibility Review Committee (ERC).

PLEASE NOTE: All applications must now be submitted electronically via LiveText. In order to submit an application, you will need to obtain a LiveText username and password. Please contact Sharyl McGrew, Accreditation Resources Manager, at smcgrew [at] wascsenior [dot] org or (510) 748-9001 x312 for more information.


Appeal Process

Please refer to the Institutional Appeals Policy for information about how to file an appeal for proposals or reports that are not accepted by a panel of a committee.


Resources for Institutions Seeking Eligibility

How to Become Accredited
Outlines the three stages toward reaching Accreditation and provides specific instructions for applying for Eligibility

Guide to Submitting Your WASC Eligibility Application
Step-by-step guide to creating and submitting your Eligibility application via LiveText

Notification of Intent to Apply for Accreditation
Complete this form and mail it in with your Eligibility application fee to begin the process. See the Dues and Fees Schedule below for the appropriate fee.

Summary Data Form for Candidate and Eligible Institutions
Required data form to be submitted with the Eligibility Application

Eligibility Review Panel Scoresheet
Evaluation sheet used by the Eligibility Review Committee to score Eligibility applications

Pathway B Self-Study Guidelines
Guidelines for institutions on seeking Initial Accreditation on Pathway B to conduct the self-study.

WASC Dues and Fees